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Want to experience the best Guatemala City has to offer? There’s no better setting than the Zona Viva, the heart of the city’s cultural and financial center. And there’s no better hotel than Hotel Casa Veranda. From our location near the airport we know the city and we have our finger on its pulse, from the best events to the most popular attractions to see and things to do during your stay in Guatemala City.

Hotel Casa Veranda in Guatemala

Guatemala City is a bustling metropolis with a rich cultural heritage and plenty of things to see and do. One of the most iconic landmarks of the city is the National Palace, which houses the offices of the President and features impressive murals depicting the country's history. For art lovers, the National Museum of Modern Art showcases the works of some of Guatemala's most renowned artists. The city also boasts several excellent museums, including the Popol Vuh Museum, which displays an impressive collection of Mayan art and artifacts. For outdoor enthusiasts, the city's Central Park is a popular spot for jogging or picnicking, while the Kaminaljuyu ruins provide a glimpse into the ancient history of the region. In the evening, the city comes alive, including our lively Zona Viva neighborhood, with a vibrant nightlife scene, with a variety of bars, clubs, and restaurants to choose from, serving up delicious local cuisine and drinks.

In addition to our friendly reception staff – available to recommend popular landmarks and activities – we offer free Wi-Fi, which allows you to surf local Guatemala City attractions and create your own itinerary. 

Hotel Casa Veranda in Guatemala

Plaza Fontabella

This intimate and charming indoor/outdoor shopping center features upscale restaurants and shops, along with a cinema and live events.

Oakland Mall

This contemporary mall provides a unique shopping experience with four floors of shops and restaurants and parking for two thousand cars.

Paseo Cayala

​This 63-acre expanse showcases Guatemala City’s best lifestyle destination with fabulous dining, shopping and entertainment.

La Aurora Zoo

​One of the finest zoos in Central America features animals from Africa, Asia, America and Oceania. In addition to indigenous species from Guatemalan jungles and forests, there are penguins, giraffes, zebras and tigers. There are also games for children, a small theater and several dining options ranging from pizza to Guatemalan specialties.

Antigua Guatemala

​This UNESCO World Heritage Site was the colonial Spanish capital of Central America and is today the most popular tourist destination in Guatemala. Avenues lined with pastel-colored buildings, stunning views of three volcanoes, beautifully renovated colonial buildings, crumbling ruins and tranquil parks create a magnificent setting.

Plaza La Sexta

​This pedestrian-only promenade is teeming with cafés and shops. While enjoying a scenic stroll, look for the traditionally dressed women with market trolleys selling tostadas con frijoles, a local treat featuring crunchy tortilla chips with beans, red sauce and cheese.

Plaza Las Americas

​This dynamic plaza features superb restaurants, shops and a cinema.